Cloud Hosting

Why Cloud?

Small and medium businesses are embracing cloud services, with a 121% increase in use over the last two years. It’s no wonder – cloud services offers huge benefits.


Quick to get started

When we say quick, we mean it. The average time for us to set up access for a new company is just a couple of days. So you start realising the benefits quickly too.


Scale your service

You can scale up as your business grows, simply add or upgrade existing licences when your business needs them. Our cloud platform can cater for individual 1 user systems all the way up to 250 user enterprises.


Low set-up costs

With cloud services, the set-up costs are low. This means more money stays in your business so you can invest in the things that grow your business.


No need to worry about IT

We offer a robust level of security and back-ups to keep all your business data safe. It's cheaper and easier than in-house hosting. We work with specialists who offer the same standards of security and reliability used by even the biggest businesses.




Are you ready to work with the right team?

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