Although SAP Business One has been designed with industry best practices in mind, not all businesses operate the same way and so there are many partners of SAP that provide extensions in functionality to accommodate any gaps in functionality or can provide industry specific features.

Ascarii's Recommended Extensions

BoyumIT – Usability Package

Rather than relying on expensive development work, the B1 Usability Package (B1UP) lets you customize SAP Business One to suit your needs, and in turn cut this portion of your working day to a fraction of the size that it is now, saving you and your colleagues time and your company money.
With the B1UP, you can maximize the daily use of your SAP Business One by customizing it by e.g. changing the layout of every window in SAP Business One, hide unused fields, create shortcuts, create mandatory fields and much more. With the B1UP, you can have a SAP Business One who works for you and are tailored to your specific needs, instead of having fields you do not need etc. interrupting your daily work routine.

Enprise Job

An embedded cost management solution for all projects and activities across your enterprise.

Prepare estimates and quotations, track labor, materials, purchases and resource usage against jobs, projects and contracts. Project managers areprovided with real time detailed cost information to monitor project performance.

With powerful reporting and alerts management, this SAP Certified and ISV award winning application is a must for any business of a service management or project nature.


Make informed decisions using your field service data and achieve your business goals whilst improving revenue. Gain a deeper understanding of the performance of your field service organization using analytics for improved competitive advantage.

You can automatically or manually batch print, e-mail or fax Invoices, Business Partner Statements or any other document to your customers.

Using various search requests, within seconds you can find documents and Business Partner data as well as information from all of the important fi elds in SAP Business One.

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