Real time inventory and Production Management

The SAP Business One application helps to streamline your inventory management and production processes.

Detailed warehouse data can be maintained to help optimise stock locations, track stock movements and execute production orders.

The Warehouse and Inventory Management feature provides a reliable timeline of inbound and outbound shipments as well as real time current stock levels, valuation and history of each item you maintain.

Using the integrated production functionality, you can manage various types of BOM and link your warehouse to order and production operations.

Key Features within the Inventory and Production module

Inventory Tracking and Costing

Purchase, store and sell your inventory items in multiple unit of measure’s allowing you to buy in boxes but sell in each’s for example. Create an unlimited number of pricelists integrated with multiple currencies and define various discount rules that can be mapped to transactions with vendors and customers. Split your warehouses into bin locations and manage your items as Serial or batch managed to control and record item movements for full traceability. Fully integrated costing methods such as FIFO, Moving Average and standard price can be selected on an item by item basis.

Available to Promise

With SAP Business One you can perform instant availability checks with real time visibility of the inventory you have Available to Promise (ATP). The ATP function takes into account current stock levels and inventory requests such as, Sales Orders, AR Reserve Invoices, Stock Transfer requests, Production Orders and Negative Quantity Purchase Orders.

At the point sales order entry, the system can be set to notify that there is insufficient stock, and allow the user to select an alternative item or continue as normal.


All of your basic requirements for production activities are available enabling you to manage BOM’s, Production orders and Material Requirements. SAP Business One simplifies the definition and management of BOM’s for sales, production and assembly. The BOM’s can also include Resources such as Equipment or labour to manage and record capacity.

Production Orders can reference these BOM’s to contain component and resource needs and costs. Track the production process and move the materials used in the production through various operations such as automatic issue of materials to the shop floor.

Material Requirements Planning

It is possible to maintain an optimum production plan for multilevel production processes using the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) functionality. This tool uses data from various sources to create an accurate picture of your production and supply chain.

Source data includes BOM’s, Inventory data, Production and Purchase Orders as well as demand from actual and forecasted sales orders. The MRP Wizard allows you to Specify planning timelines to create Recommendations on how to meet the demands of your production line and customers.

Item management
Item lists
Multiple price lists
Goods receipts
Goods issues
Inventory transactions
Serial number management
Batch number management
Pick and pack
Recurring transactions
Inventory Tracking
Bin Location
Multiple measurements

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