Purchase Like a Pro

With SAP Business One your entire Purchase to Pay process can be executed and monitored from requisition to vendor payment.

All of your vendor and item details are stored centrally allowing greater control over the information used during your procurement cycle reducing data entry errors and increasing efficiency.

Each process step is created with reference to the previous step that creates a chain of objects which you can view as a Relationship Map.

Automatic integration with accounting and inventory allows you to report on the current state of your Aged Creditors and warehouse levels In real time.

Key features within the Purchasing module

Requisition to Payment
in 5 easy steps

Using SAP Business One’s key copy to/copy from feature, it’s possible to link every document you create, transferring the same centrally stored data from one step to the next without the need for data re-entry. This greatly improves efficiency and removes the risk of human error.

Vendor Quotation Management

When tendering for suppliers, SAP Business One allows you to enter each quotation received into the system. As you enter the quotes you receive, the Quotation Comparison Report shows you the data you need to make an informed decision over which supplier offers the best deal. The quotes can be entered with reference to an existing Requisition, and if accepted, converted into a PO whilst retaining links back to the quotation and requisition.

Landed Costs

Handle additional costs incurred during the purchase of your items with SAP Business One's Landed Cost functionality. A landed costs document can be posted with reference to a goods receipt, and automatically creates a financial Journal entry to adjust the items cost, update gross profit, and provides an accurate inventory valuation.

Warehouse and Production Integration

Integrating purchasing into other core business processes in real time is a key feature. When a Goods Receipt is posted for an item, SAP Business One automatically updates inventory in the warehouse. You can also support purchase planning activities by setting reorder points and lead times on your items, which then feed into the Material Requirements Planning wizard allowing you to forecast and plan your material needs.

Purchase request
Purchase quotations
Web-enabled RFQ
Purchase orders
Good receipt POs
Goods returns
A/P Invoice
A/P Reserve Invoice
Down-payment Invoice/Request
Cancel Marketing Documents
A/P credit memos
Landed costs
Import Process

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