Benefits of Implementing a Comprehensive ERP Solution
Monday, 27 Jul, 2020

Comprehensive ERP software provides SMEs with many benefits, some of which are expected and others which are a pleasant surprise. What benefits could your organisation expect from implementing a modern, comprehensive ERP solution?

Most SMEs reach a point when their daily operations can become more administrative than strategic, with numerous disparate systems that can’t ‘communicate with each other’. Entering information into different systems becomes a tedious, repetitive waste of time. This is often one of the key drivers behind the search for a comprehensive ERP solution, and time savings are one of the biggest benefits, but what other benefits might you expect from your new ERP system?

Manage by exception

Comprehensive ERP systems, such as SAP Business One, allow user access to be configured down to field level, devolving responsibility to employees to manage their key areas, and enabling managers to manage by exception. Only needing to get involved when there is a discrepancy means that employees are empowered in their role, while managers’ time is released to focus on activities and decisions that have real business impact, and affect the strategic direction of the company.

Increase productivity

Reducing or eliminating the duplication of data and manual processes frees up staff to concentrate on aspects of their roles that have a bigger business impact, while streamlining and automating core business processes. Information on the quantity of a specific product in inventory is available almost instantly, while reports on sales performance and other core aspects of the business, which used to take hours (if not days), are available in seconds.

Insightful business reporting

Insightful business reports are available at the touch of a button, providing the data that businesses need to support strategic decision making. Business decisions can be made based on solid data – for example, scaling up (or down) production of a certain product based on demand, industry trends or forecasts, and enabling efficient scheduling for spikes and troughs in the production process. Decision makers are able to get the data they need quickly and easily by configuring the solution to display the information that is relevant to them.

Create a single point of truth

Comprehensive ERP systems provide the digital core to daily business operations, connecting information silos to provide relevant, real-time intelligence on which to base strategic business decisions. This reduces business risk by maximising visibility and control, as well as compliance with regulatory requirements.

Simplify your IT systems without limiting insight

Comprehensive ERP systems give employees the tools to carry out key aspects of their jobs productively and strategically, with integrated applications that share the same database.

Respond to opportunities quickly

Detailed business insights, available in real-time, mean that companies can identify trends and make changes to capitalise on those quickly and efficiently, giving them a significant competitive advantage.

There are many benefits from implementing a modern ERP system, and Ascarii can work with you to define what you want to achieve from your new solution. In addition to our fortnightly introductory webinar series, Ascarii will be running a webinar about future-proofing your business systems with solutions based on SAP Business One on the 6th August. Click here to register for this session, or please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss modern ERP solutions in more detail.

Benefits of Comprehensive ERP

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