Increase Quality Control with Boyum Cloud Inspect
Monday, 7 Dec, 2020

Boyum Cloud Inspect is the third module in the Boyum Cloud portfolio, which has been designed to help manufacturing & distribution companies build consistent quality testing plans to measure the success of their production and increase their quality control. As a Boyum Cloud Champion, Ascarii is very excited about the next module of Boyum Cloud, which is due to be released early next year.

What is Boyum Cloud?

Boyum Cloud is an intelligent cloud-based suite of modules from award-winning SAP Partner, Boyum IT. It is a certified add-on that extends the capabilities of SAP Business One in manufacturing environments by bridging the gap between the shop floor and the ERP system. It provides the ability to capture data on specific processes, which saves time and reduces manual administration and duplication of data entry.

Boyum Cloud Build was the first module available, which supports the product design process, and expedites new and evolving products on to the production line quickly and easily. It provides a framework to automate the communication process between design and production departments, enabling them to build Bills of Materials in the cloud, and get products entered into SAP Business One accurately and efficiently.

The second module in the Boyum Cloud Suite is Boyum Cloud Produce, which was released in Q3 2020. Boyum Cloud Produce supports the production department by removing paperwork and unnecessary manual administration. It allows the planning, tracking and approval of production steps in real-time, which increases efficiency and accuracy, and reduces the time wasted on previously manual processes. With Manager and Operator licences available, communication between production managers and shop-floor operators is streamlined. Managers can manage production orders, prioritise and monitor production in real-time; operators can start and stop operations, see overviews of work stages for released production orders, as well as information on resource requirements, and efficiently collect data on time and material requirements.

What functionality does Boyum Cloud Inspect provide?

Boyum Cloud Inspect is aimed at quality management and inspection departments, and helps them to define inspection plans, track and release inspection orders and collect quality data. As with Boyum Cloud Produce, it is made up of two separate applications that work seamlessly together. Operators can view and execute inspection samples and collect quality data, while managers define inspection plans, and track and release inspection orders. It enables businesses to achieve the best balance between quality and costs, as well as compliance with regulations in certain industries and regions.

Boyum Cloud Inspect offers:

• Inspection order approval and status tracking
• The ability to keep track of progress of execution tests and samples
• Quality status measures, with real-time pass rate based on planned approval targets
• Analysis of quality data per test and sample
• Consideration of defect types in the analysis of quality data
• Overview of new and pending inspection orders
• Progress and execution of samples and tests
• Easy and smart collection of quality data

Boyum Cloud Inspect is an ideal solution for manufacturing and distribution companies that place quality control at the heart of their operations.

Ascarii was very proud and excited to have sold and implemented the first licences in the world for Boyum Cloud Build and Produce earlier in the year. As a Boyum Cloud Champion, we’re very excited about the future of Boyum Cloud Inspect. We have already seen first-hand how Boyum Cloud Build and Produce are helping to streamline the production process for one of our customers, and we’re looking forward to seeing how Inspect can help our customers improve their quality control, increasing customer satisfaction amongst their own customers. We love working with our customers to help them achieve their goals, and really feel that the combination of SAP Business One with intelligent add-ons from Boyum IT, and other partners, can help them in this process. To find out more about how we can support your business to achieve its goals, please contact us now.

Boyum Cloud Inspect Quality Control

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