All SAP licences are sold on a named user basis, but different categories of licence are available based on the level of access required by an individual according to their job function.

The type of licences available are:


Professional licences give access to every area of the system but user access can be controlled by system administrators to restrict certain aspects or make them read-only, dependent on the requirements of their role. These are the most cost-effective licences for people who need access to most parts of the system.

Limited CRM

Limited CRM licences are targeted towards people who want to use the system to manage their customer and supplier relationships, as well as service management, while still allowing users to view data in other areas of the system.

Limited Logistics

Limited Logistics licences are targeted towards supply chain management, goods returns and requests, purchasing and stock control, while still allowing users to view data in other areas of the system.

Limited Financials

Limited Financial licences provide full functionality in the area of finance management, while allowing read-only rights to sales and service data as well as other aspects of the system.

Mobile User – Sales

This type of user licence is designed for mobile sales professionals, providing full access to SAP Business One Sales, enabling them to create sales quotes, view delivery estimates, stock and order status. Reports and KPI dashboards can also be viewed using the mobile app, providing up-to-date information on the go. The app links dynamically back to SAP Business One, but allows remote updates from the user, and gives them access to everything they need to do their jobs from a mobile device. All data entered to the mobile app will update the core SAP Business One system.

Mobile User – Service

This type of licence is designed for mobile service professionals, providing full access to the service aspect of SAP Business One from a mobile device. It provides the ability to view calendars with jobs to complete, scheduled service calls and appointments, and drill down to all information required to complete the scheduled activity. Users can view issues they are trying to solve, view status and warranties, all customer contact information and contract details. It also offers the ability to take photos to record evidence of work completed whilst on site. All data input will update the core SAP Business One system for additional actions, such as invoicing or further customer support involvement.

Indirect Access User

Indirect Access User Licences are for users who do not require direct access to SAP Business One but need to use a solution that connects with the SAP Business One database. This is a much more cost-effective way of allowing users to connect to the SAP database but do not need to use SAP Business One itself.

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