New Sales & Purchasing Features in SAP Business One
Friday, 7 Dec, 2018

SAP Business One v.9.3 has brought several new amendments in the sales, purchasing and service module, which will help to further automate these areas and enable customers to more effectively control their stock and returns processes.


Customers can now create a return request or goods return request from within the system, managing both serials and batches in both Return Request and Goods Return Request. The pre-step for the return document includes the agreed quantities, prices, return reason and return action before the goods are actually returned, which enables management and tracking of the return process and offers increased transparency.

Return Requests and Goods Return Requests can now be listed within the Open Items list or added to a Service call, which enables the returns process to be incorporated into service calls and facilitates additional reporting.


A new price mode setting drives the use of Gross or Net prices in documents according to business partner requirements, enabling them to use gross or net prices in documents and maintain gross or net price lists. This new feature supports retail business and provides a streamlined gross price calculation method.

Customers are now also able to define prices per pricing unit, for example, price per 1,000 units of a given item – this is reflected in the price list with the additional field, ‘Pricing Unit’ and provides accurate pricing for small value items. The ‘Effective Price’ setting forces the lowest/highest price applicable, applying existing logic for calculating effective prices and choosing the most appropriate one. Special prices can be limited by an active period.This provides the customer with more flexible pricing functionality, minimising incorrect discounting and maximising revenue as well as increasing productivity and simplifying customisation.

Customer Relationship Management & Campaigns

New centralised CRM functionality has been added under the Financials module, listing all the functions related to CRM, which enhances usability and increases productivity. CRM enhancements mean that activity can be assigned to multiple users/employees and recipient lists can be created and maintained for this purpose. The ‘Activities Overview’ indicates handlers, be it single or multiple, which increases efficiency as there is no need to create an activity for each user.

Extended campaign functionality allows users to manage authorisations for generating and executing campaigns, and load saved campaigns – both executed and non-executed. A ‘Find’ function has been added to the ‘Target Group Details’ form, ‘Target BPs in Manual Campaign’ and ‘Target BPs in Campaign Generation Wizard’, which enables users to more easily search for details within a target Business Partner list. The selection criteria within the ‘Campaign List’ area has been expanded to enable filtering by linked documents, with Sales Amount and Gross Profit reflected in ‘Campaign List’. This new functionality gives improved usability and analysis of campaign successes and failures, as well as greater control over campaign execution, while enabling users to more easily find the information they need.

Blanket Agreements

New features under blanket agreements provide additional automation to the sales and stock control process, increasing flexibility and productivity by enabling the user to update the blanket agreement terms instead of creating a new one. Users are easily able to track committed/ordered quantity/amount in the blanket agreement, which has not yet been delivered. Planned amount, quantity and price can be updated in the blanket agreement when it is linked to other documents, and deviation from blanket agreement planned amount, or planned quantity, can be controlled, providing better control over the purchasing process.

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