Why Should Manufacturers and Wholesale/Distribution Companies use Mobile Technology?
Monday, 10 Aug, 2020

Mobile technology is a critical step on the path to digital transformation for manufacturers and wholesale/distribution companies. Apps on phones, tablets and handheld scanners enable companies to make much more efficient use of time while increasing the accuracy of their data, allowing for quicker decision making based on real-time information.

Inventory control can be one of the biggest issues in a warehouse, as it often tends to be a very manual process. Knowing where raw components and stock items actually are can be one of the biggest causes of inefficiency. The very real, human, issue that none of us can escape from, is that people do get distracted or called away to other things while in the middle of a particular task. Without the support of modern technology, organising stock in warehouses can get interrupted. And when the shift is over, and the person responsible has left for the day, how much time is wasted during the next shift when certain items can’t be found?

Embracing digital transformation with revolutionary technologies

Forward-thinking manufacturers and distribution companies are embracing digital transformation with revolutionary technologies that increase productivity and drive revenue. These technologies include cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and IoT. On the factory floor, mobile devices bring all these technologies together. Giving employees access to these technologies creates an efficient and agile, responsive organisation.

Supporting strategic decision making

With SAP Business One as the ‘digital core’ of the organisation, real-time data can be accessed immediately, which supports strategic decision making. From a simple query over where a particular stock item can be found, to more complicated production data, managers can analyse information based on detailed insights, and make decisions accordingly. Mobile technology makes this seamless, wherever managers are when they need to act.

Mobile technology facilitates faster decisions about production issues, repairs, replacements, stock levels, sales promotions, improvements and innovations, all backed up with detailed business intelligence from SAP Business One.

Real-time data visibility

Productivity is measured in seconds in manufacturing companies, and mobile technology gives employees access to real-time information which enables them to analyse and solve issues immediately.

In addition to this, plant managers need visibility into every aspect of the manufacturing process, from supply chain logistics to order fulfilment. Mobile technology gives them access to detailed information held within SAP Business One to enable them to find out exactly what they need to know at the touch of a button. Operations are streamlined, while productivity and efficiency is increased, as employees can quickly identify problems and take action to resolve them.

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