Working with the Right Partner
Thursday, 3 Sep, 2020

Working with the right partner is so important for a successful ERP implementation, as Abbeydale Direct has found in the time it has been working with Ascarii. 

Ascarii is very proud of its working relationship with Abbeydale Direct, a family-owned business based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. As an online retailer, their expertise is in the supply of all things country-related, from technical equipment to high-quality farming disposables. Their goals are to offer consistently high-quality products with excellent customer service, combined with exceptional value. Having worked together for a couple of years, Ascarii has supported them through the process of implementing SAP Business One.

The Right Partner

Part of the reason Abbeydale Direct wanted to select an SAP product was that they really liked the partner model, and the support and confidence this approach offered. Having implemented SAP Business One 18 months before they started working with Ascarii, they say that they can’t emphasise enough how important working with the right partner is. The right partner is just as important as the decision to use SAP Business One.

According to David Brownsey, Commercial Director, “when we met with Ascarii, we were massively impressed with how proactive they are. We were not aware of the full capabilities of SAP Business One but Ascarii showed us how it can revolutionise our business, and showed us the opportunities available through analysis tools, automation and time saving methods. Their team showed a genuine interest in understanding our working processes and seeing our business succeed. A key point that separates SAP from other providers is the partner approach. Working with the right SAP partner makes every aspect of running a business so much easier.”
David continues, “Ascarii works with us as though they are an extension of our team and that working relationship gives us the confidence to include them in any key decisions that we make. It’s like having an in-house SAP team working in the next office.”

Cloud Deployment

The flexibility of cloud-based deployment has also been an added advantage to Abbeydale Direct, particularly based on the unusual circumstances that 2020 has brought. David says, “working together with Ascarii and SAP Business One has given us a fantastic ERP system on a cloud-based platform that has proven to be invaluable this year. When the UK was put into lockdown, all our staff were able to work from home the very next day, without a single interruption to our operations.”
Abbeydale Direct now has far greater business efficiencies in place. David says, “the level of automation that SAP Business One has provided for us will now allow us to double our turnover while keeping our overheads fixed.”

Looking to the future, Abbeydale Direct has massive growth ambitions that they wouldn’t have been able to put in place without moving to SAP Business One and Ascarii. It is helping to open up new markets for them and will support them to grow internationally. According to David, “Ascarii and SAP have taken our business from small thinking to making all things not only possible, but a reality.”

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