A Vision of your Business Future Supported by a Comprehensive ERP Solution
Monday, 3 Aug, 2020

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about why businesses need modern, comprehensive, ERP solutions, how to choose a modern ERP solution and the benefits to be gained from implementing one. Now let’s cast our minds forward a bit and think about what your business could look like with a modern ERP system, such as SAP Business One, as its digital core.

ERP systems are involved in nearly every business operational area. With a solid foundation in financials and accounting, SAP Business One also offers strong functionality in purchasing and supply chain, sales management and service management, inventory and warehouse management, production and MRP, which helps automate and refine processes across the business.

Keeping stock overheads down

With particular strengths in stock control and warehouse management, companies are able to optimise the amount of stock kept in the warehouse so they can keep up with demand but not incur additional, unnecessary, overheads from keeping too much stock or raw materials. Insightful business intelligence and reporting facilities enables businesses to forecast and predict demand, based on market conditions, to scale up (or down) production, as necessary.

Automation and time savings

With SAP Business One as the ‘digital core’ of your business, countless benefits are gained. The automation of manual processes and reduction in duplication of activity results in significant time savings for employees, which contributes towards reductions in overheads. Employees are able to concentrate on aspects of their jobs that provide real business benefit and contribute towards the strategic growth and direction of the company.

Complementary add-ons

SAP Business One can also be enhanced by numerous complementary products, or add-ons, which have been developed within the same software development kit (SDK). For example, the suite of products from Boyum IT has been developed specifically for SAP Business One.

B1 Usability Pack

B1 Usability Pack (B1UP) is an award-winning solution designed to enable users to customise and automate SAP Business One effortlessly, making it ready to face the most diverse scenarios and challenges. Bringing a new depth of versatility to SAP Business One, it ensures a flawless user experience and gives the competitive edge that customers need to drive their organisation to success.

B1UP is the perfect add-on to take into account the uniqueness of any company, providing the ability to tailor SAP Business One to meet specific requirements. A broad feature set opens up unlimited possibilities for tailoring and automation, even for non-tech professionals. It can be used with ease and speed to adapt SAP Business One to a variety of scenarios and improve end-to-end system utilisation, boost user experience and dramatically increase return on investment.


Another popular add-on to SAP Business One is iDocuments from Synantix. iDocuments’ functionality covers AP invoice scanning, purchase order entry and approval, conversion of sales orders received via email directly into SAP Business One, business expenses and HR, which all work within a browser-based portal. Designed as a cost-effective and scalable solution, iDocuments comprehensively addresses many key business priorities and challenges, whilst being intuitive to use and easy to implement. It uses AI and machine learning technology to free teams from manual and repetitive tasks so they can focus on adding value and leading the business forward, and integrates in real-time with SAP Business One, which avoids duplication of data while extending the reach of the existing investment to the entire workforce.

BPA Platform

The Business Process Automation (BPA) Platform from Codeless Platforms enables you to quickly, and easily, build automated processes unique to your organisation through an intuitive drag and drop graphical user interface. It acts as middleware to integrate SAP Business One with any other business software package to provide a complementary total solution. Examples of these include SalesForce, Magento 2, Hubspot, and 3rd Party Logistics providers. Applications and systems can be integrated through an array of data connectors and APIs.

BPA Platform allows users to create alerts through easily definable business rules, generate and dynamically distribute reports and documents, and create workflow processes to leverage submission and approval processes. By taking the complexity out of business process automation, organisations can add an unrivalled level of agility to their operations.


Sharperlight is the best friend of many finance departments in our existing customers. It allows you to collate live data from SAP Business One and other data sources in Excel, create the reporting pack you want and then publish them to other people in the company via a web browser. It can help to revolutionise how you report within your organisation and is used all around the world.

Technical expertise

There are numerous complementary add-ons to SAP Business One, which transform your ERP system into a complete solution to manage all your business needs. Ascarii’s technical team has extensive experience in all the add-ons we recommend, which will enhance and extend your use of the system.

With SAP Business One as the digital core of your business, enhanced with additional systems to cope with your every business need, companies will be in the best position to grow and compete on a global scale. We will be giving you an overview of what your business could look like with solutions based on SAP Business One in our webinar on 6th August – click here to register or contact us to find out more.

A Vision of Your Business Future

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