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Nick Hull - Solutions Advisor


With several years ERP experience, having worked at SAP, I have a passion for supporting companies in helping them select the right SAP technology to deliver their cloud and digital strategies to underpin their growth aspirations.  At Ascarii, we care about what we deliver, and we care about our customers, which is why so many stay with us for so many years. We always want to help you to become a better run company and help you grow.


Alyn Hughes - Solutions Director


Having worked within the ERP community for nearly 20 years, I can advise you on what solutions from SAP can help you achieve your strategic goals.  Whether you are looking for additional functionality or a view from one version of the truth, we are in a strong position to help you.

If you want your business to grow but find your existing systems are holding you back, please contact me and I will be happy to help you.


Ewan Hayward - Solutions Advisor


With my strong technical background and experience in dealing with both small and large enterprises, my goal is to fully understand what you are looking to achieve and then make recommendations based on what you tell me.

At Ascarii, we always go the extra mile to help you get to where you want to be, ensuring that we continually support you for the long term. How can we help you?


Steve Clements - Solutions Advisor


I am an expert at helping our customers integrate their SAP solutions with other software products.  As someone who primarily looks after our existing customers, I always listen to ensure we fully understand what you are looking to achieve before discussing what options are available to you.

Please contact me if you are looking for more from your long term partnerships.