Extend the Functionality of SAP Business One with Boyum Manufacturing Solutions
Monday, 9 Nov, 2020

Boyum manufacturing solutions were developed to extend the capabilities of SAP Business One to give manufacturers more industry-specific functionality that can optimise their processes and increase efficiency, which can have a significant impact on business profit margins.

Boyum’s intelligent suite of add-ons work to enhance the functionality of SAP Business One with industry and functional-specific solutions. Boyum manufacturing solutions were tailored to meet the needs of manufacturers, providing additional functionality not available in SAP Business One. This results in a perfect solution for manufacturers that helps them optimise processes throughout their business.

We have been speaking a lot about increasing efficiency recently but doing nothing to improve processes can have a negative impact and end up costing companies more through manual processes, duplication of data and effort, wastage and inefficient use of resources. SAP Business One is a great solution to help manufacturing companies optimise their processes to increase efficiency and save money, but this can be further enhanced with specially developed add-ons from Boyum IT.

The right manufacturing software will give you much more detailed insight to your business, giving you granular cost visibility over true costs at batch level – including material costs, labour, machine and overheads, as well as the cost of co-products, by-products and the impact of waste.

Boyum Cloud

Boyum Cloud is the latest addition to the Boyum product portfolio. Primarily aimed at the production and product development departments, it helps get new and evolving products on the production line quickly, efficiently and accurately. It helps these departments manage requirements and specifications for new products, as well as planning and keeping track of the progress of development tasks and adding finished products to SAP Business One.

Getting a product ready for production is often a difficult, hands-on, task with many factors involved. Communication between departments is key to ensure the right materials and production methods are used, but when this process is managed manually it can lead to mistakes and lost production time. Boyum Cloud Build provides a clear framework to guide each department through their responsibilities in this process, ensuring new products are added to the system accurately and efficiently.

Boyum Cloud Produce helps manufacturing companies to manage production orders by planning, approving and tracking production steps in real-time, providing a clear overview of approved work stages, and enabling both the monitoring of time and materials and the reporting of finished products. It gives visibility over production resources and data to speed up decision making by pulling together detailed information regarding production orders, status and availability, providing managers and production teams with real-time information. Boyum Cloud Produce focuses on the management of production orders, their preparation and release for production, handling all stages of work up to the finished product, as well as traceability and the analysis of related data.

Boyum Cloud Produce provides shop floor functionality which removes the delay in data entry between the shop floor and production managers that makes real-time monitoring of production progress impossible, and leaves production managers and operators disconnected. Operator functionality allows for paperless collection of production data, and displays work stages for released production orders, complete with real-time information relating to the availability of materials and resources on shop floor terminals. Managers have a clear overview of open production orders detailing priorities and progress, and can approve multiple production orders, define instructions and assign documents or quality inspection plans to work stages, as well as receiving real-time notifications regarding delays in the production process.

Beas Manufacturing

Beas Manufacturing provides manufacturers with a scalable platform to enhance cross-company collaboration and process execution, improving operational performance, increasing asset reliability, maintaining quality enforcement, while providing consumer traceability and improving BOM agility. It is an advanced suite of modules that enable manufacturing companies to optimise their business processes by providing MRP/MRP II functionality, quality control & release management, production order and materials management, and product costing. Industry-specific versions are available, which have been developed to fit the specific needs of companies operating within certain industry sectors.

Manufacturing resources need to be optimised to maximise production output and meet customer demand in highly competitive industries. Beas Manufacturing’s wide variety of functions gives customers the ability to keep track of every relevant aspect in their production planning, with customisable dashboards and KPIs that deliver real-time information and full visibility of their business, supporting strategic decision making and helping them maintain their competitive edge. The combination of SAP Business One and Beas is the perfect solution for managing and controlling manufacturers’ workflows, processes and cost accounting, ensuring efficiency and flexibility for manufacturers.

To find out more about Boyum manufacturing solutions, please join our webinar on Thursday 14th November at 2pm, when we will be joined by Boyum product experts. This will be an interactive session, allowing you to discuss your pain points and see how Boyum manufacturing solutions may be able to automate your processes and enable you to gain more from your investment in SAP Business One. Please click here to join us, or feel free to contact us for more information.

Boyum Manufacturing Solutions

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