SAP Business One delivers everything you need to manage your most critical business functions. It enables you to standardise and streamline processes, minimise errors and delays, and take confident, decisive action. It covers functional areas including:

Analytics & Intelligence

Included as standard in SAP Business One is a powerful suite of analytic and reporting tools, which enable users to gather data from multiple sources and generate timely and accurate reports based on company-wide data. SAP Crystal Reports lets you choose from a variety of report formats and control access to information displayed.

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Accounting & Financials

Approved by the ICAEW, providing a complete set of tools to help manage and streamline your financial operations. Everyday tasks are automated, such as ledger and journal entries, tax calculations and multi-currency transactions. All banking activities can be managed from within the system, processing statements and payments as well as reconciling accounts.

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Sales & Service

Maximising customer relationships is crucial to your success and SAP Business One provides you with the tools to help you efficiently manage the entire sales process and customer lifecycle. Its integrated functionality provides a complete view of prospects and customers so you can understand and meet their needs. With the ability to track sales & opportunities, marketing campaigns, customer & service management, all backed up with reporting and analysis, you can effectively track the entire sales process from initial contact to after-sales and support. We can help you sell more effectively without increasing your cost of sale.

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Management & Administration

The system administration section offers the ability to customise and control the end-user experience according to your specific company requirements, setting up different user-authorisations and abilities, either at an individual or group level, dependent on the size of the company.

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Purchasing & Operations

The Purchasing & Operations module enables you to manage the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, returns and payments. You will be able to create purchase receipts, purchase orders and goods receipts, as well as link purchasing documents and view document trails for audit purposes.

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Inventory & Distribution

Inventory can be managed using various costing models, maintaining item master data and using multiple units of measure and pricing. Real-time inventory updates and availability checks are also easily managed from within the system, as well as managing standard and special pricing, and running reports to reveal the impact of volume, cash and customer discounts. Returns, additional expenses and multiple currencies are also easily managed, while warehouse and accounts integration provide real-time synchronisation of goods receipts and inventory warehouse levels. Further automation can be provided with scanning solutions, synchronising your stock records in SAP Business One.

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Production & MRP

The production planning section utilises the proven inventory control within SAP Business One, and when linked to the MRP element of the solution, enables you to optimise your stock control and materials planning. Enhanced manufacturing requirements can be added, if required, providing a comprehensive manufacturing solution for many industries.

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Project & Resource Management

The Project & Resource Management module enables you to manage all your internal and external projects from start to finish, centralising all project-related transactions, documents, resources and activities. You will be able to monitor the progress of tasks, stages and sub-projects, as well as analyse budget costs and generate reports on various aspects of the project.

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