Your SAP Business One system will be tailored to your exact requirements, with the support of your dedicated project manager and team of SAP-certified consultants. They will work with you to blueprint the exact requirements of your SAP Business One system, translating your business requirements into a solution that works for your organisation. Once the blueprint has been approved, we build your test environment with your data, construct user-acceptance tests for your team to undertake, and support you through the go-live process. Your tailor-made solution will support the growth of your company, grow with you and adapt to your changing needs.


AscariiGo™ is our solution for small companies with big ambitions for growth, providing a set of predefined templates designed to enable companies to be operational with their new SAP Business One system within a matter of days. It has been designed to help small businesses access the functionality of SAP Business One as quickly as possible by greatly reducing the implementation costs. This provides you with a platform to grow your business, taking advantage of a world-class system designed specifically for SMEs, which can be further configured and expanded to support your increased requirements as your business grows. Ascarii has devised this unique implementation methodology, which is exclusively available for the benefit of our customers, offering a cost-effective solution that will expand for your future needs.

Global Rollout

SAP Business One is used by SMEs throughout the world. With twenty-eight languages and fifty localisations built into the system, SAP Business One is as ideal for global businesses as it is for smaller businesses with ambitions for growth. We have extensive experience in helping customers roll-out SAP Business One throughout the world, with our proven Cloud platform, hosting SAP Business in the Americas, Africa, Australasia, the Far East and Europe. AWS Cloud technology enables us to easily roll out SAP Business One to other locations without the need to visit other countries, but always allowing users to log into the most local AWS datacentre, which ensures the fastest speeds available.


SAP Business One provides a comprehensive solution to cover almost every aspect of your business, but sometimes customers want further expertise in particular areas. With over 500 extensions specifically developed for SAP Business One, including eCommerce, advanced manufacturing etc, customers are able to optimise their solution to perfectly fit their company requirements. These partners are all accredited SAP partners and develop their solutions within the SAP Business One Software Development Kit, meaning upgrades are simpler and user-uptake is quicker, as many of them work within the core SAP Business One product.

SAP Business One has been cleverly designed so that all approved developers can create extensions to add to the core SAP Business One system in the same software development kit. This means that if customers want dedicated solutions to advance aspects of the core system, they will upgrade easily with new versions of SAP Business One as and when they are released. Ascarii only works with proven global extensions to SAP Business One, ensuring all customers remain well-supported at all times.

“We couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. The biggest benefit has been the improvement in reporting and business intelligence, we now have insights into our business that were not available to us previously and already this is shaping our strategic direction.”

Alan Russell

IT & Project Development, Premier Components UK Ltd

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