Purchasing & Operations

The Purchasing & Operations module enables you to manage the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, returns and payments. You will be able to create purchase receipts, purchase orders and goods receipts, as well as link purchasing documents and view document trails for audit purposes.


  • Purchase requests
  • Purchase quotations
  • Web-enabled request for quotation from multiple suppliers
  • Blanket agreements
  • Purchase orders
  • Goods receipt POs
  • Goods returns
  • A/P invoice
  • A/P reserve invoice
  • Down-payment invoice
  • Down-payment request
  • Cancel marketing documents
  • A/P credit memos
  • Landed costs
  • Cross-border transactions


  • Better understanding of supply and demand, and forecasting based on previous years’ sales
  • Extensive reporting for cashflow forecasting
  • Workflow automation reducing duplication of data-entry across multiple teams and departments, fully integrated with the SOP process alleviating additional data entry
  • Ability to streamline any of the SOP/POP processes using an integrated relationship map
  • Ability to receipt into multiple warehouses globally with correct documentation for the destination
  • Integrated drop shipping solution within sales & purchasing modules eliminates the need for storage/warehousing facilities, streamlining the goods receipt process

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