Ascarii was set up as a ‘Cloud first’ company and we have customers globally who are running SAP Business One on our Cloud platform. Our Cloud platform was purpose built for hosting SAP Business One by our highly qualified engineers, who are certified experts in both AWS and SAP Business One. Built on AWS, it offers world-class security, reliability and uptime, so you can be assured that your data is safe. Back-ups are performed on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, and ‘snapshots’ can be taken at any time. We use Amazon CloudWatch to monitor the platform continuously and the stability of the platform is of the highest priority, providing advanced warning of any recommended changes to your infrastructure to ensure optimum usage.

Hosting SAP Business One in the Cloud enables customers to take advantage of a subscription licensing model, meaning that your investment becomes an operational expense rather than a capital expense, and means that you will know your monthly out-goings over a fixed term. Your usage can easily be scaled up or down as required, meaning that you are not paying for capacity that is not being used. It is also easy to add new users to the system and increase database quantity as required, paying only for what your business needs at that time.


Our customers are the heart of our business and we pride ourselves on the level of customer support we provide, with an excellent customer retention record. Our support engineers are at the end of the line to give you the technical expertise and advice you may need for system issues you may encounter. We operate to strict service level agreements and support is available by phone, via web meetings or on-site when necessary.

As well as providing standard SAP bug-fixing and issue support, we also offer a range of care packs which provide a defined quantity of additional support and system configuration time. Care packs are available in 100, 250 or 500 minutes per month for a set fee, and can cover amendments to the system, simple report writing and additional training each month. Any remaining time not utilised is available to use as standard consultancy and your account manager will cover this with you in an annual review meeting to plan for the year ahead. We also provide quarterly updates on care pack usage so you always know your usage against availability. Our goal is to ensure the maximum availability of your SAP Business One system with knowledgeable and helpful customer support engineers there to support you when you need it.


Training is provided throughout the implementation of the system, but dedicated training days can be arranged with our consultants as and when required. We can run ‘train the trainer’ courses where your employees will be given a deep understanding of the system in order to be able to train their colleagues, or we can run training sessions for your teams as required. Training can be adapted to your specific requirements if there is a particular area of the system that your teams need to focus on, so as not to overwhelm them with irrelevant information and ensure they get the most out every session.

Training sessions can be hosted at customer sites, in a classroom setting at Ascarii’s offices, or hosted via web meeting sessions according to customer preference. Our consultants are all highly skilled and qualified, with many years’ experience working with SAP Business One. Coupled with their extensive experience across all industry sectors, they are able to apply their knowledge of different working environments to suggest the best ways for you to get the most out of your system. Consultants are often able to make recommendations that revolutionise processes in our customer sites, offering improved ways of working that can streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Account Management

Every SAP Business One project will be supported by a dedicated account management team who will work with customers to ensure the project runs smoothly and fluidly. Account managers will be in regular contact throughout the implementation of the project, and beyond, ensuring that customers optimise the use of their system and maximise the return on their investment. By working closely with our customers, we can ensure they have everything they need and are made aware of things they may not know about or have even considered.

We run regular webinars with our complementary partners to inform customers of different solutions, and new developments that can enhance their systems, as well as demonstrate the art of the possible. We update our customers via regular emails and social media, and we are always happy to offer help and advice on anything you might need to help you get the best return on your investment.

“We’ve created an entirely new business model and wanted an entirely new type of infrastructure to provide a strong platform for growth. We also needed a solution that enabled our people to deliver great service to our clients and give the business instant access to solid intelligence. With SAP Business One Cloud we’ve got the scalability and flexibility we need to accelerate our expansion, we are delighted with the results.

Ascarii spent time to understand the complexities of our market, having worked with them now for almost 2 years I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services and we look forward to working with them on the next phase of our expansion.”

Brad Groves

Group CEO, Great Annual Savings Group

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