Real-time visibility of commitments and accruals before they happen

Advanced Automated Invoice Processing

Automated invoice processing using iDocuments facilitates faster invoice processing, improving cycle times and compliance with supplier terms, while also creating the potential to negotiate early settlement discounts with suppliers.


Comprehensive, Real-time Visibility

According to the Accounts Payable Association UK the average cost of processing an AP invoice for the majority of organisations is up to £8.60. If you could cut out the paperwork and automate AP processing from invoice capture through to posting to your finance system, how much could you save?

Invoice automation helps you improve spend control by providing comprehensive, real-time visibility of commitments and accruals before they happen. This gives better cash flow visibility and more accurate and timely financial reporting. KPI analysis and reporting provides real time control and management information, which helps you to run your business more effectively.

iDocuments utilises machine learning optical character recognition (OCR) technology to capture the supplier invoices quickly and accurately, automatically extracting key data into SAP Business One. This facilitates faster invoice processing, improving cycle times and compliance with supplier terms, while also creating the potential to negotiate early settlement discounts with suppliers.

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A Tangible Return on Investment

Invoice data can be captured from multiple email sources and validated to avoid duplication of invoices and payments. Data is processed using an automated 3-way match for straight through processing using a powerful rules engine. Exception handling is also catered for with notifications for out of budget, tolerance rules and exception workflows.

iDocuments comes with real-time integration with SAP Business One ‘out-of-the-box’ and removes the need for duplicate data entry. Integrated invoice posting ensures your payments are timely and process compliant, reducing the risk of error and fraud. AP invoice automation is quick and easy to implement, and instantly reduces the AP workload. Processes are automated from the receipt of invoices to the processing of payments, which saves time and reduces errors.

A comprehensive audit trail and KPI reports identify performance and operational bottlenecks, which means that action can easily be taken to resolve them. Automating invoice processing with advanced solutions provides a tangible return on investment within a very short space of time.

Happy Clients and partners

Our Partners

Happy Clients and partners

Our Partners


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SAP Business One is used by manufacturers globally to help them streamline their inventories

Industry Sectors



Whether you’re a small manufacturer looking to improve control over your production processes and costs, or are a more established manufacturer wanting to take advantage of automation and utilise performance-leading manufacturing techniques, SAP’s SME solutions cater for any type of manufacturing organisation, whether it is:

  • Manufacture to Order (MTO)
  • Manufacture to Stock (MTS)
  • Engineer to Order (ETO)
  • Engineer to Order (ETO)
  • Build to Order (BTO)
  • Assemble to Order (ATO)
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Wholesale Distribution

SAP’s SME solutions are advanced products used globally by wholesale distribution businesses. They have been helping this sector optimise its inventory control and warehouse management for many years.

The automation of mundane and repetitive tasks enables staff to focus on managing by exception, while extensive reporting functionality provides the detailed insight and business intelligence required to support long-term decision making and strategic company direction.


Financial Services

Both SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign are used by financial services organisations globally to support their rapid growth internationally.

These solutions give a real time, integrated overview of the business, helping to optimise processes to reduce costs and meet customer needs. The availability of multiple databases means that these solutions support your company to scale, automating processes across disparate locations and borders.


Professional Services

SAP’s SME solutions empower your workforce to digitally manage their projects and improve their productivity and project management experience with leading edge technology. Complete, project and contract lifecycle management of your workforce, materials and plant with real-time insight into every aspect of your business. With the workforce making up 80-90% of the cost base of professional services firms, significant savings and increases in productivity can be made by freeing up fee earners from non-chargeable administrative tasks.

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