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Warehouse management systems can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your warehouse, providing you with the tools to increase productivity and profitability by automating processes. By integrating warehouse management solutions with SAP Business One,  you can transform your logistics processes into a finely tuned operation that drives productivity and profitability throughout your supply chain.


Detailed Insight

Warehouse management solutions support multiple warehouses and operators, and can scale with your business, providing you with detailed insight to support your long-term growth plans. Real-time visibility on all supply chain transactions, such as inbound container and PO receiving, pallet build and directed put-away, and outbound inventory allocation, picking with shelf-life considerations and compliance requirements, provides the data on which to base operational decisions. This increases the agility and productivity of your business, resulting in a tangible return on investment. 

Deep lot/batch and serialisation capabilities make warehouse management systems an essential requirement for regulated industries, and support for GS1, SSCC and GS1-128 barcodes improves productivity and accuracy.

With one of the largest overheads being the value of warehouse stock and raw materials, warehouse management systems help companies keep tight control over their inventory costs, by giving them insight into raw materials to meet production requirements and stocked products to meet sales orders.


Intelligent WMS

Detailed reporting based on accurate data enables managers to anticipate future demand to keep stock at the optimum level. Shelf-life considerations are an important factor for many companies, and an intelligent warehouse management system will help them automate inventory rotation, expiry date and lot management, which increases efficiency and reduces waste.

Sophisticated batch attribute management and complete backward and forward traceability means that customers can easily meet their compliance requirements. Our logistics solutions can easily cope with multiple warehouses, whether they’re real or virtual, and help optimise efficiency in every area. 

The integration of scanning solutions with warehouse management systems increases speed, efficiency and accuracy in every area, meaning that key decisions are based on real-time data. Companies can optimise their use of advanced technology and really impact the bottom line by controlling overheads, decreasing waste, and increasing productivity and saving time.

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Our Warehouse Management Solutions


Produmex WMS

Produmex WMS is a sophisticated and comprehensive warehouse management solution for SAP Business One that transforms logistics processes into finely tuned operations, driving productivity and profitability through the supply chain. The solution supports multiple warehouses and operators, processing high volumes of transactions all while maintaining high performance.


Produmex Scan

Produmex Scan is a lightweight and cost-effective barcode scanning solution for SAP Business One, which is specifically designed for customers who need warehouse management but don’t need the full functionality of Produmex WMS. It seamlessly automates warehouse and inventory transactions, supporting multiple warehouse operators processing high volumes of transactions.


iSAP Scanning

iSAP Scanner is a unique, affordable application designed for Apple iOS devices that transforms your iPhone into a flexible and proven scanning platform. It revolutionises your warehouse processes by letting you pick or receive goods on a mobile device with or without a scanner, directly from the original purchase or sales document stored in the SAP Business One database.

SAP Business One is used by manufacturers globally to help them streamline their inventories

Industry Sectors



Whether you’re a small manufacturer looking to improve control over your production processes and costs, or are a more established manufacturer wanting to take advantage of automation and utilise performance-leading manufacturing techniques, SAP’s SME solutions cater for any type of manufacturing organisation, whether it is:

  • Manufacture to Order (MTO)
  • Manufacture to Stock (MTS)
  • Engineer to Order (ETO)
  • Engineer to Order (ETO)
  • Build to Order (BTO)
  • Assemble to Order (ATO)
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Wholesale Distribution

SAP’s SME solutions are advanced products used globally by wholesale distribution businesses. They have been helping this sector optimise its inventory control and warehouse management for many years.

The automation of mundane and repetitive tasks enables staff to focus on managing by exception, while extensive reporting functionality provides the detailed insight and business intelligence required to support long-term decision making and strategic company direction.


Financial Services

Both SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign are used by financial services organisations globally to support their rapid growth internationally.

These solutions give a real time, integrated overview of the business, helping to optimise processes to reduce costs and meet customer needs. The availability of multiple databases means that these solutions support your company to scale, automating processes across disparate locations and borders.


Professional Services

SAP’s SME solutions empower your workforce to digitally manage their projects and improve their productivity and project management experience with leading edge technology. Complete, project and contract lifecycle management of your workforce, materials and plant with real-time insight into every aspect of your business. With the workforce making up 80-90% of the cost base of professional services firms, significant savings and increases in productivity can be made by freeing up fee earners from non-chargeable administrative tasks.

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