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Professional Services

SAP’s SME solutions empower your workforce to digitally manage their projects and improve their productivity and project management experience with leading edge technology. Complete, project and contract lifecycle management of your workforce, materials and plant with real-time insight into every aspect of your business. With the workforce making up 80-90% of the cost base of professional services firms, significant savings and increases in productivity can be made by freeing up fee earners from non-chargeable administrative tasks. SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign enable firms to process such tasks with the minimum human intervention, while also facilitating the digital accountability for project and contract delivery.

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The Industry Challenges

Rapidly growing businesses often end up outgrowing their software, and the professional services sector is no different. With disparate systems that can’t communicate with each other, and over-reliance on Excel, information is prone to inaccuracy and difficult to access.

Clients are becoming more demanding but a lack of integration between systems and project workforce can cause a breakdown in communication between all parties. This causes a decrease in productivity, while increasing project costs in time spent on activities that should be automated. To grow profitably, professional services and project management consultancy firms must align every aspect of their operations to deliver consistent quality and high-value services to their clients. Other issues include:

  • Reliance on Excel and manual processes making information hard to access and prone to inaccuracy
  • Lack of alignment of different aspects of workforce operations and projects
  • Decreased productivity caused by the challenges of disparate solutions
  • Accurate project costing, margin control, forecasting and analysis
  • Lack of integration and communication between systems and project workforce
  • Duplication of data and manual administration causing reduced efficiency and potential for error
  • Lack of visibility into the financial state of projects
  • Length of time required to pull reports

If any of these issues sound familiar, it's time to consider how a modern ERP solution can help. We will take time to understand your requirements, and, with our expertise, guide you towards the solution that provides the best fit for those requirements and support you through the selection and implementation process.

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The Solution at a Glance


Lifecycle Management

Complete project lifecycle management from lead to cash.


Commercial Overview

A commercial view of the financial state of your projects.


Project Insight

Real-time project insight to maximise client value.


Customer Insight

Understand customer lifecycle data to effectively position your service offerings.


Enhanced Workflow

Connect and automate key professional services processes.



Schedule your workforce to be allocated to the right project at the right time.


Real-Time Profitability Insight

Evaluate project and client profitability in real-time to help meet your business goals.


Real-Time Project Management

Real-time project and contract management to analyse if projects will be completed on-time and on-budget.


Calculate Earned Value

Reconcile cost and revenue to calculate earned value at any stage of the project.


Create Work Break-Down Structures

Create work break-down structures with project milestones for project delivery with down payment chains against milestone achievement.

optimise projects to reduce costs and meet customer needs

Get an Integrated Overview of Your Business

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Commercial View

Also catering to the requirements of civil engineering project management, asset management/maintenance and utility companies, SAP’s SME solutions provide a commercial view of the financial state of your projects. Features include:

  • Commercial project management
  • Project management
  • Human resource, plant scheduling & allocation  
  • Down payment chains
  • Work break-down structures
  • Earned value against milestone achievement
  • EAC – estimated cost and value at completion
  • Cost to date, cost to complete
  • Procure to pay
  • Project level, real time reporting and analysis

SAP works with many different types of professional services organisations, including architects, civil engineering firms, IT consultancies, media and events management, accountants/investment, and law firms.

In industries with demanding clients, complex pay structures, and disparate workforces, it is essential to optimise your use of technology to gain greater control over projects, increase productivity and decrease costs. SAP’s SME solutions can optimise processes in all key areas of your business for complete project lifecycle management.

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SAP Business One is used by manufacturers globally to help them streamline their inventories

Business Solutions


Invoice Automation

According to the Accounts Payable Association UK the average cost of processing an AP invoice for organisations is up to £8.60. If you could cut out the paperwork and automate AP processing from invoice capture through to posting to your finance system, how much would you save?


Expense Management

Using technology to automate the collection, approval and payment of employee expenses can provide a significant return on investment. Modern technology can now speed up this process which saves time and reduces errors.


Warehouse Management

Warehouse management systems can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your warehouse, providing you with the tools to increase productivity and profitability by automating processes. By integrating warehouse management solutions with SAP Business One or SAP Business ByDesign, you can transform your logistics processes.



Scanning solutions are essential for effective warehouse management. With so much data to manage, process and analyse, scanning solutions are a cost-effective way to automate manual processes, saving time and increasing accuracy.

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Customer Management

SAP’s SME Solutions optimise customer management by providing a centralised solution for storing all data related to customer activity. These integrated solutions provide full visibility of all transactions from initial enquiry, through the sales and purchasing process and on to after-sales and service.


Product Management

SAP’s SME Solutions optimise customer management by providing a centralised solution for storing all data related to customer activity. These integrated solutions provide full visibility of all transactions from initial enquiry, through the sales and purchasing process and on to after-sales and service.

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With several years ERP experience, having worked at SAP, I have a passion for supporting companies in helping them select the right SAP technology to deliver their cloud and digital strategies to underpin their growth aspirations.  At Ascarii, we care about what we deliver, and we care about our customers, which is why so many stay with us for so many years. We always want to help you to become a better run company and help you grow.


Alyn Hughes - Strategic Alliances Director


Having worked within the ERP community for nearly 20 years, I can advise you on what solutions from SAP can help you achieve your strategic goals.  Whether you are looking for additional functionality or a view from one version of the truth, we are in a strong position to help you.

If you want your business to grow but find your existing systems are holding you back, please contact me and I will be happy to help you.

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