Boyum Cloud Apps for SAP Business One

Every manufacturing and wholesale distribution business, their departments and employees are unique, facing different tasks and challenges, so why force a solution on them that suits one better than the other? By understanding each different role and their problems and needs, and adapting the interface to suit them, users can work in a way that fits their needs. Boyum Cloud Apps transform your ERP system into a modern application, providing a more fluid and enjoyable user experience, so you can run your business more efficiently than ever before.



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No More Manual Processes

A suite of intelligent SAP Business One add-ons that give manufacturing and wholesale distribution businesses a competitive advantage. Intelligent solutions for specific business roles let your employees only use what they really need – and get more out of their work than ever before.

When it comes to rethinking your business processes and moving away from common manual processes, digitalisation can open up a wide range of opportunities. Boyum Cloud Apps were designed to break away from rigid, standardised applications and develop new role-based applications. This evolutionary process enriches traditional business processes with new, best practice solutions. It supports traditional manufacturers and wholesale distribution companies in their digital transformation, as well as new generations where digitisation has already been embraced.

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Get Your Work Done Faster

Developed with state-of-the-art technology, Boyum Cloud Apps offer new and modern applications with intuitive user interfaces. The modern look and feel, with an easy to use and stylish layout, ensures the best possible user experience and improves your employees’ productivity.

The vision for Boyum Cloud Apps covers all areas of supply chain management for small and medium-sized enterprises and enables you to work in a more structured way, shifting your focus onto your goals.

Get Both New and Evolving Products on the Production Line Quickly, Efficiently, and Accurately.


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Requests for products are often handled manually outside the ERP solution, leading to no real-time overview, input errors and delays. Boyum Cloud Build helps the product development and production departments to manage requirements and specifications for new products, plan and keep track of the progress of relevant development tasks and add finished products into SAP Business One.

Boyum Cloud Build gives product managers the tools to integrate between their product development software and ERP system and gives production managers a fast way to add and update products that need to be produced, including the management of its operation plan.

Adding products to SAP is often seen as the final hurdle in the product development  process, and getting a product ready for production is a difficult, hands-on task. There are many factors involved in making a product; the product manager needs to communicate the vision and materials used for the product, the production itself needs to be planned by the production manager, and issues and mistakes can lead to several iterations before a product is completed.

Communication between departments is essential in this process to ensure the right materials and production methods are used. But this process is often managed manually, leading to mistakes and lost production time.

Boyum Cloud Build, aimed primarily at the Production & Product Development departments, fixes this problem by providing a clear framework to guide each department through their responsibilities in this process, ensuring products are added to the system accurately and efficiently.

Build gives product managers the tools to integrate between their product development software and ERP system and gives production managers a fast way to add and update products that need to be produced, including the management of its operation plan. Other stakeholders in the process, such as shop floor employees who are building the products, or sales employees who are managing customer relationships, can use the software to track product updates or report problems that need to be addressed.



Planning Board

Keep track of production items currently in
product development, plan these requests
and track progress.


Track Product Statuses & History

Track completion date, see the current status
of each product request and review change history.


Product Costing

Calculate new and evolving products and
transfer the determined sales price to an
SAP Business One price list.

file (1)-1

Bill of Materials Import & Management

Use an Excel template to import Bill of Materials
from your CAD or PDM solution.


Operation Plan Management

Drag and drop operations, resources
and materials into your plan based on an
imported Bill of Materials.


Add Items, Resources & Operations

Create and edit required items, resources,
and operations so they can be used in the
operation plan.


Template Items

Define templates to simplify the creation of
new articles and avoid errors in parameter

Plan and execute production orders, and track progress in real-time

Produce - Manager

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Produce Manager enables production managers to prioritise, release and monitor production orders. With a Manager licence you can easily manage production thanks to a clear overview of open production orders detailing priorities and progress. A Produce Manager user can approve single or multiple production orders, define instructions or assign documents/quality inspection plans to work stages, control sequence and visibility on shop floor terminals and receive real-time notifications regarding delays in material procurement and the production process.

Pulling together detailed information regarding production orders, such as
status and availability, to enable true visibility can be a complicated and time-consuming process. In order for a production manager and production team to work together effectively, a solution that provides real-time information is an absolute necessity. Any delay to material receipts and stages of work can result in a negative impact on subsequent processes and delivery dates.

Boyum Cloud Produce specifically targets the management of production orders and their preparation and release for production. This solution handles all stages of work up to the finished product, as well as traceability and the analysis of related data.


“The solution meets the requirements of many manufacturing businesses that want more than standard SAP Business One can provide, whilst keeping costs low and phasing in so much useful functionality. The Build module is great for managing Bills of Materials and costs, and the Produce module allows cost effective shop floor data capture on any tablet.”

Key Features


Production Order Management

Manage production order details, define instructions and assign documents and quality inspection plans to work stages.


Production Order Overview & Approval

Get an overview of open production orders with priorities and progress, and approve single or multiple orders for production.


Rough Planning

Prioritization of production orders to control the sequence and visibility on the shop floor terminal.


External Operations

Management of external work stages, creation of purchase orders with provision of materials and receipt of external work stages.


Production Progress Tracking

Real-time overview of production progress and notification of delays in material procurement and production process.


Production Data Collection (PDC) History

Track time receipts and material consumption and monitor missing or incorrect transactions.

View production orders and register time/materials

Produce - Operator

Boyum Cloud Produce - Operator


Produce Operator enables shop floor employees to start and stop operations efficiently, while gathering time and material requirements with minimum effort. An Operator licence allows for paperless collection of production data, and displays work stages for released production orders, complete with real-time information relating to the availability of materials and resources, on the terminal.

Key Features


Shop Floor Terminal

Easy access for shop floor employees for a paperless collection of production data, as well as instructions, quality checks and documents for individual work stages.


Production Data Collection

Start and stop of work stages with time receipt, material receipt and reporting of finished products.


Work List Overview

Overview of approved work stages with information on material availability and resources.


Scanner Support

Reading and material selection via barcodes and scanner for batch or serial number items.

Define inspection plans, track and release inspection orders

Inspect - Manager

Boyum Cloud Inspect - Manager-2

Boyum Cloud Inspect improves the productivity of quality departments and helps them to make better decisions by automating inspection operations, streamlining data collection on the shop floor, and responding to results in real time. It ensures that your products maintain a consistently high quality, which is crucial in maintaining a strong relationship with your customers.

Inspect enables quality managers and inspectors to work seamlessly together by giving them the tools to plan inspections and quality targets, monitor quality control and the status of inspection orders and analyse inspection results. 

Key Features


Plan Inspections & Quality Targets

Manage inspection plans with sample plans and quality targets for each inspection step. Build test steps with instructions for the inspector, and define quality targets and rules for how many samples should be taken.


Monitor Progress & Status of Inspection Orders

Monitor the execution of inspection orders and quality trends. See results in real time and make quick decisions relating to subsequent tasks.


Analyse Inspection Results

Deep dive into test results and track global quality trends. Detailed view of results per inspection order and cumulative view of the current quality status via the quality dashboard.

View and execute inspection samples and collect quality data

Inspect - Operator

Boyum Cloud Inspect - Operator-1


Inspect Operator enables inspectors to execute inspections and collect quality data, giving them a clear, paperless overview of their work with shop floor data collection. In addition to this, inspection plans can be processed, quality data and defect types collected efficiently, and inspection orders completed.



Execute Inspections & Collect Quality Data

Process inspection plans and see what items need to be inspected, what tests you need to perform and their criteria for success.


Capture Data Effortlessly

Shop floor data collection captures data effortlessly and helps you to spot potential
problems or failed tests along the way.


Reporting Tools

Communicate and resolve issues with managers, with the ability to attach photos or add notes about the problem.