Does my business need a modern ERP system?
Monday, 13 Jul, 2020
ERP systems have long held the reputation of being the preserve of large enterprise, but what if the powers of a modern ERP system could be extended to SMEs?
ERP, otherwise known as enterprise resource planning, is a business management solution, which contains an integrated suite of applications that help businesses run their core processes. Typically offering functionality in the areas of financials, supply chain and procurement, inventory and warehouse management, production, MRP, project management, and sales and marketing, backed up with extensive reporting functionality, modern ERP systems can support every aspect of a business.

Driving the demand for modern ERP

Increasing competition, based on price and customer service, drives the demand to automate and optimise as many of the core business processes as possible. This results in cost savings, increased efficiency and better customer service, which are all benefits that keep customers coming back.

As ERP software evolves, SMEs are able to access operational efficiencies, process automation and business insights previously only available to large organisations. New technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, simplify historically manual tasks and eliminate human error, providing significant cost savings.

The availability of insightful business intelligence supports impactful strategic decisions and allows companies to respond with agility to external market forces and conditions. Companies can store and analyse data to monitor operational performance, predict trends and risks, and respond to fluctuations in supply and demand.

Large enterprise benefits for SMEs – can you afford not to?

Modern ERP systems provide the functionality expected by large enterprise at a price point that is more accessible for smaller organisations. The increasing popularity of cloud-based technologies also makes modern ERP systems far more accessible for growing businesses as they tend to use a subscription-based model, giving companies the ability to make use of advanced technologies for an affordable monthly fee, turning the cost into an operational rather than capital expense. With automated processes, time savings and therefore cost savings, supported by advanced reporting and business intelligence, all available on an op-ex basis, the real question is not whether your business needs a modern ERP system, but rather can you afford not to?

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