How can SAP Business One support the Intelligent Enterprise?
Tuesday, 1 Dec, 2020

The Intelligent Enterprise as a concept combines modern strategic thinking with processes and technology. This gives businesses real-time information about their operations, which they can use to become agile and flexible, and respond to market demand. The symbiotic relationship of visionary leaders, an engaged workforce and technology, supports future business success. But how does SAP Business One fit into this?

SAP Business One provides the digital backbone to any business. As a comprehensive ERP system designed for SMEs, it helps to breakdown departmental silos and enable companies to adopt dynamic cross-functional business processes that optimise experiences. SAP Business One automates processes in every functional business area. This contributes to employee satisfaction by reducing repetitive manual processes and duplication of effort, while enhancing all aspects of the customer journey, from initial enquiry through to design and manufacturing, delivery and after-sales service.

Additionally, SAP-certified add-ons and enhancements can streamline processes even further, providing even more detailed information and functionality. Enhanced analytics, dashboards and user-defined KPIs provide the information managers need to support their strategic decision making. Add-ons from companies like Boyum IT, Synantix and Codeless Platforms can extend the functionality of SAP Business One in to areas in which it has traditionally not been as strong, such as advanced manufacturing capabilities or expenses and HR. These add-ons, with SAP Business One as the digital core, can provide a true solution in the drive towards an intelligent enterprise.

What can businesses do to help their journey to become an intelligent enterprise?

To become an intelligent enterprise, businesses need to run their most critical processes with applications that work seamlessly together – this is what can be achieved with SAP-certified add-ons that enhance the capabilities of SAP Business One. Data is key to this, and is at the heart of all strategic decision making; the deep insights provided by enhanced analytics capabilities give managers the tools to support their strategies, as well as the knowledge and insight to pivot and change direction in an agile manner should market conditions dictate.

How can SAP Business One help?

Customer Experience – customer relationship management is essential in today’s competitive world and online reviews, which can be found in seconds, can make or break a company. The backbone of good customer relationship management is an excellent system that provides in-depth understanding and supports effective engagement across every touchpoint to help provide an exceptional customer experience.

Human Resources and Employee Engagement – providing staff with the tools to do their jobs, automating mundane manual tasks and duplication of data entry contributes to employee engagement and job satisfaction. Advanced solutions that save time mean that employees can focus on areas that are a better fit for their skillset or have a greater strategic impact.

Management – detailed insights provided by the system into every functional area of the business gives management a real-time overview of the state of their business, which supports strategic decision making, planning and forecasting.

Supply Chain and Inventory – SAP Business One provides full visibility of the supply chain, from raw material orders, through the production process and on to finished goods’ stock levels, and distribution. It helps companies order the right amount of raw materials for their production line, due to the ability to forecast requirements, ensuring the business doesn’t have unnecessary cash tied up in raw materials. Likewise, it supports the production process to ensure that there isn’t too much finished, unsold stock sitting in the warehouse. It can be linked to the business’s 3PL provider to provide full visibility of the distribution process.

Sales – sales staff can manage the sales process from input of sales order, through to invoicing and delivery, supported by real-time information. This helps to optimise their customer relationship management and communication, and puts the customer at the heart of the business, helping to foster long-term relationships.

Financefinance plays a key role in the intelligent enterprise, and SAP Business One provides the perfect solution to support this. With the automation of everyday tasks, such as ledger and journal entries, tax calculations and multi-currency transactions, finance staff can focus on more strategic and impactful tasks. With full integration with other business processes, such as purchasing and sales, you can expedite transactions and improve visibility into cash flow. Extensive reporting functionality as standard means finance teams can produce reports at the touch of a button, giving them real-time insight into where the business stands. By embedding intelligent technologies, purchasing teams can adapt processes to their own needs, and deliver comprehensive compliance and supplier management by capturing spend data from all sources.

Intelligent enterprises are businesses that improve practices across the organisation, combining their people-focused approach, whether that’s employees or external suppliers and customers, with advanced technology, which enable them to make strategic decisions and respond to market trends. To find out more about how SAP Business One can support the drive to become and intelligent enterprise, please contact us now.

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